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About Us

Siddhi Memorial Foundation (SMF), Bhaktapur, Nepal is a non-government and not for profit organization (NGO). we provides quality, accessible health care services for women and children through Siddhi Memorial Hospital (SMH), and support to seniors through the Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home (SSSCH).

Since its establishment in 1997, Siddhi Memorial Hospital has expanded greatly as our "Milestone" section indicates. Although fees are low, they may not be affordable for some patients in difficult circumstances. In these situations appropriate accommodations are made.

The Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home (SSSCH) opened in 2005 with a capacity for thirty five residents. Its expanded capacity will now accommodate sixty residents.  The goal of SSSCH is to offer a home away from home to help seniors continue to live peaceful, fulfilling and happy lives.

We are also reaches out to the community in other ways. Educational and support programs are organized on Saturdays for local children to supplement their school curriculum. Every year the Foundation finances schooling for under-privileged children, as well as for training and higher education for medical and nursing students. When the big April 2015 earthquake struck, SMF helped many people in the disaster response effort.

We are very pleased and honored to have provided care and assistance to many people, and is very appreciative of all the generous contributions from donors and sponsors who had made our hospital, senior citizens home and other community services a reality.  Their help has changed the lives of a great many people, and their continuing support is vital to the success of our future efforts aimed at helping people in need.