“Heartily Thank you -SMH Team”


I am Binda Singh from a very marginalized family of Jajarkot district which is 600 kilomiters away from Kathmandu. I came down from there with my family to seek job for survival. I am very grateful that Siddhi Memorial Hospital has treated my new born baby during the earthquake disaster and saved my daughter treating at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a period of two weeks. I was hopeless that my baby will survive but because of great effort of medical team of SMH has saved my baby as a miracle. I know that SMH has saved not only my baby but also numerous number of babies and children who were treated free of cost providing all necessary medication and free food for all during the disaster period. How lucky I am that Siddhi has saved my baby. May god bless all the Siddhi Memorial Hospital Family for their prosperity and success in achieving their goal of “Service to Humanity”.

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