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Rupsana Nepali, a 26 months old girl child lives with her mother at Jagati, Bhaktapur.  Her parents Subhadra Karki and Ravi Nepali had an intercaste love marriage when they were very young. Both her parents originally belong to Sindhupalchok where they met and started liking each other. They got married despite the approval of their families and were therefore disowned from both the families. Rupsana was born at Bhaktapur Hospital. She had a birth weight of 2.5 kg with delayed cry. She was admitted at Siddhi Memorial Hospital’s NICU for 7 days.

She has been blind since birth and is also suffering from cerebral palsy. She is not able to move her hand and feet neither can she sit. She does respond to familiar voices. There is no significant history of illness in family members. Rupsana’s father was earning good as a bus driver but is now in jail because of some false allegation. Subhadra has been fighting for her husband by hiring a lawyer and has been spending money for the court procedure. Subhadra sends Rupsana to a special school. They have been leading a very hard life. Subhadra has been working in a very busy restaurant from 7am to 7 pm to earn their living. Subhadra and Rupsana are provided food at the restaurant but her salary is so low that it is just sufficient to pay the rent. Therefore Rupsana was provided free treatment including medicines and other food supplements. The baby was discharged and is doing well now a days.

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