Triplate at NICU

Bishnu Maya Banmala, aged 31, resident of Bhaktapur-4, gave birth to a set of premature triplets at a preterm gestation of 34 weeks. The tiny baby girls urgently needed intensive support, which the family could not afford. With tears rolling from his eyes, the father, Dinesh, handed over the babies to the doctors at Siddhi, begging them to save the girls. The babies were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit and started on free treatment. The hospital also provided necessary care and food for the mother herself. SMF published an appeal in the daily newspaper calling for help for the family. This motivated donors from Nepal and internationally to open a charity fund account providing financial support and care for 28 days in the NICU until the mother was confident enough to care for the babies herself. On the day of the discharge, Dinesh and Bishnu Maya were extremely pleased to bring all three babies home, having not expected that any of them would survive. They said; “May the SM Hospital become a centre of excellence for saving lives of children with critical illnesses like they did for ours.” – January 2014

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