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How can you help?

The Siddhi Memorial Foundation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization. A small fee is charged for out-patient and in-patient services, medication, and treatment, however all fees are waived for those who cannot afford them. The revenue generated from such services is not sufficient to cover the total cost of running the hospital; it covers only about 40% of the expenses. Thus the SMF is presently funded by the generous donations of interested people and organizations, both locally and internationally. While the foundation is aspiring to become self-supporting and independent of outside aid, currently monetary and material donations are crucial in order to maintain the well-governance and operation of this organization. There are three areas of support that greatly benefit the Siddhi Memorial Foundation:

A) Financial Contributions

B) Equipment Donations

C) Gifts of time (Volunteer opportunities)

 Financial Contributions

If you wish to donate, you may specify for what purpose the contribution is intended to be utilized; otherwise the SMF will make use of the donation for general purposes. Options include, but are not limited to:

Siddhi Memorial Foundation as a whole Siddhi Memorial Hospital Siddhi Shaligram  Senior Citizens' home (Home for the elderly) Children’s recreation and overall educational facilities Specific equipment to be purchased by the hospital

Donations are placed in both the Recurrent Expenditure Account (an account that is used to pay wages and regular bills) and the Endowment Fund (a high interest account which contributes to the foundations income).

Bank Details of SMF

Siddhi Memorial Foundation, Bhaktapur, Nepal Current Account Number: 00201030001544 Nepal Investment Bank Ltd, Seepadole Branch, Bhaktapur, Nepal Swift code: NIBLNPKT

Equipment Donations Medical equipment donations can be mailed to Siddhi Memorial Foundation or brought directly to Bhaktapur during your next visit. To access the list of required supplies, please see in the WISH LIST at  menu in the homepage of the SMF website.  As this list is not always up to date please contact Hospitality Incharge - Sugam Dhaubhadel ([email protected]) or Founder- Shyam S. Dhaubhadel before committing to one piece of equipment. Please be aware that there are strict taxes involved with all equipment sent to Nepal and customs instructions will also need to be sought before sending. It is also possible to specify the equipment you wish to donate and have the foundation get a quote for the cost and purchase it within Nepal.