On 25th of April and 12th of May 2015 devastating earthquakes took place in Nepal. Many lives were lost and homes were destroyed. Relief materials were flown into Nepal from Different nations for the earthquake victims. The relief materials were not sufficient to the number of people affected by the tragedy. Most of the victims lost their homes, were hospitalized for treatment and many people lost their lives. According the the government data the death toll exceeded 8800 & 22000 people injured. More than 600 000 homes and monuments were damaged and many people who lost their homes took shelter in open spaces. SMF was able to treat over 1000 injured of the earthquake and provide food for the homeless during this time of need. SMF made an appeal to our friends and supporters to help the earthquake injured and victims. SMF have done following response activities:

Free treatment for earthquake injured people: around 1000

Free Mobile Medical Camp : 2000 victims were received treatment

Relief Material Distribution : 900 people

Free meal for earthquake victims: 300 people every day upto 50 days

Nutritional Assessment of Children : 660 children and supplementary distributed

Free Typhoid vaccination :5000 children 2-15 years

Temporary shelter management : 75 people upto 30 days

Free School Education Support for Children : 23 children at good school

We are beholden to all the generous and kind hearted people and organizations who had responded to our request. This has enabled SMF to provide relief for victims to some extent in need.


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