Dear Friends and supporters of SMF,
With a deep breadth and heavy heart we are still in shock, posting the news of the disaster that to place on Saturday afternoon the 25th April 2015. More than 4000 people lost their life and property worth 400 Billions US dollars (according to the government media) damaged due to this earthquake measuring 7.9 rector scale.

Our hospital has always been in service for the poor and needy. At this time of grief, we have gathered our strength, courage ,resources and pulled our sleeves to help the victims who desperately needed our helping hand.We were able to successfully treat more than 800 people.But to our despair 48 people died alone in our hospital. The record till date is 250 people have died in Bhaktapur. The data and injured people are still on high alert rescue.

We are serving injured victims round the clock and still many more injured are visiting at our hospital for free treatment. Due to urgent rescue need, our hospital and the medical team are treating the victims in our hospital and other hospitals also. They are also visiting the spot where urgent rescue is in need. Some of our staff members lost their families, became homeless (due to collapse of their houses). Despite this catastrophe ,they are helping others selflessly.We are proud to have such a family.our campus has now been a shelter home for the homeless in need of food, water and sanitation.
Nepal is silent and the cries unheard urgently.People fear of going inside the houses after this earthquake and aftershocks more than 90 times.People are out in tents and roads..with heavy rainfall adding the trouble,hospitals are flooded with patients leaving scarcity of medicine,medical attendants and funds.Government has outsourced the fund and many international help are arriving….but the question is how is every victim going to receive help properly and urgently???
Another fear has arisen of epidemics to follow, looting ,criminal activities and health hazards.In response to the present condition and the future difficulties…We the SMF Staff request all our supporters, our friends and families to generously support us in this time of need.Lets open our heart and join hands to help others.A single help can save many lives.

Following are the list of things we need of urgently.
Our dire needs are:
1. Medicine and hospital supplies (list of required medicine are attached herewith).
2. Food, drinks, clothing’s and shelter management for homeless and injured patients visiting at our hospital and its surrounding.
3. Rescue, support and treatment
4. Transferring trauma patients from our hospital to bigger hospital in Kathmandu bearing all the needed cost.
5. Financial support to meet all above necessities and cost for in house patient and staff.
6. Post treatment for injured and infectious patients visiting at our hospital.
Personal note:
As you know that I was sick for almost about 8 months and treatments were going on in Delhi hospital. I left India last week for my final follow up and treatment and the result through whole body PET CT Scan showed that there is no trace of cancer. Its a relief for me and glad to share it with you all. I got back this early morning together with our daughter Dr. Srita (who is studying in Master in hospital administration in Delhi) who is already in duty taking charge of alarming situation out here.

Also please find the attached photographs taken during treatment and dead bodies lying on the ground. We are very hopeful for your support and strength us, to help us stand strong to help build others lives,Please help!!

We will update you the situation time and again. Please pass on this message to all your friends, well-wishers and supporters and the lovers of Nepal.

Please find bellow our bank details to wire your most valuable donation for victims, if any.
Siddhi Memorial Foundation, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Current Account Number: 00201030001544
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd, Seepadole Branch,
Bhaktapur, Nepal
Swift code: NIBLNPKT

Best Regards,
Shyam and SMF Family
Email: &

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