Dear All, Namaste !
We are sad to inform you that Our Siddhi Memorial Hospital and Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens’ Home Bhaktapur is facing a big problem due to 27th August 2015 big flood causing lots of very expensive equipment has been damaged mainly Digital X-Ray machine, Ultrasound machine and also destroyed many electronic devices; all the six vehicles soaked in water and many more uncountable hospital goods, medicine and food stuff for elderly people and so on been damaged and became out of use. Big problem of water supply & electricity, as all our three generators broken down. After big earthquake, we had now big flooding. Most of the print media & TV must have said about our hospital problem. We are compelled to shut down our hospital since yesterday till for Sunday (30th August 2015). Hopefully we will resume our services from Monday. Let us hope for the best.
The patients who were at hospital and elderly resident, all are safe.
Shyam & Siddhi M. Foundation family.

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