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Mission, Vision and Values


To serve children, women and senior citizens in need.


  • To provide quality health care to children and women through Siddhi Memorial Hospital
  • To provide both residential and day care services to senior citizens within a friendly, home away from home environment at Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home
  • Coordinate and network with relevant local, regional, national and international organizations in support of our common objective of serving people in need
  • Organize and undertake both preventative and curative health research projects that will advance the delivery of health services to children, women and senior citizens
Values   Quality Services  

We are committed to providing our best care to the women, children and senior citizens who come to us for assistance.


In order to better meet the healthcare needs of those we serve, we network and coordinate with others in pursuit of steadily evolving "best practices".

Good Governance

We focus on adopting, practicing and promoting principles of good governance in all our work that will enhance accountability, transparency and quality of response to those we serve.

Reaching the Un-reached

We seek to create outreach programs that will help connect "unreached people" to health and senior citizen care.