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Senior Citizen Home

Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home : A home away from home for the elderly

With the mission to serve children, women and senior citizens over the complete human life cycle, SMF established Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home, which was made possible with major contributions from Nepalhilfe Beilngries, Germany.

The goal of Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home is to offer a home away from home for the elderly and to help them continue to live peaceful, fulfilling and happy lives. It offers support to senior citizens in need, regardless of their status, wealth, caste, religion, relationship, gender or ethnicity. The services at SSSCH are available to those aged 60 and above who meet any of the following criteria: lack of family support, neglect by family, lack of local support, physical limitations, inadequate housing or limited access to information about available social agencies for emergency assistance.

SSSCH provides care and services pertaining to the medical, social and religious needs of its senior citizens. This includes the provision of basic medical attention by trained healthcare staff, daytime activities promoting socialization, space for communal puja (prayer and offerings), bhajan (singing), satsang (religious discourses) and yoga. Members of the home also get the opportunity to develop skills while enjoying activities such as gardening and small handicrafts. SSSCH’s residents are provided with nutritious meals prepared under health norms and served with love and care. Accommodations include basic clean living facilities, a reading room/library, lounges, recreation areas, and a garden.

SSSCH also offers daycare services to those who reside with their families but are seeking time in fellowship with others during the day. Furthermore, SSSCH offers elderly residential care for pre-defined periods of time, e.g. medical care to recover from an illness or operation, with nursing and physiotherapy assistance.

A nominal amount is charged for food and services depending on the financial capabilities of the elders. Please come and visit this home to find out more about the services offered and contribute to the community. Any suggestions, advice, support and assistance are always gratefully appreciated.

There are many ways in which you can help!

  • by contributing cash or kinds
  • by contributing a gift of your time



  • Regular health check ups
  • 24 hour nursing and caregiver services
  • Specialized doctor visits and ambulance services: medical, orthopedic and psychological etc.
  • Nutritious food
  • Internet and telephone service (as needed)
  • Religious tour and picnics
  • Regular yoga classes and meditation
  • Alternative treatment (if applicable)
  • Festival celebrations
  • Regular counseling
  • Family visit and reintegration aid



The Senior Citizen Daycare program has been running since 2005 at Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home. More than 130 senior citizens are members of the Daycare center and more than seventy participate daily. The following services are provided:

  • Social environment and companionship
  • Regular yoga classes and meditation
  • Religious and cultural celebrations
  • Nursing and caregiver services
  • Bhajan Kirtan and Satsanga (Chanting)
  • Free refreshments


Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens' Home is planning to start a short term residential care program for durations between two and eight weeks. The following services are planned:

  • Regular health check-ups
  • 24 hour nursing and caregiver services
  • Specialized doctor visits
  • Nutritious food
  • Internet and telephone service
  • Tours, picnics & Festival celebrations
  • Treatments, yoga & meditation
  • Counseling

Family visit & reintegration assistance