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Volunteer & Internship


The Siddhi Memorial Foundation runs hospital, senior citizen home, and community development internships as well as volunteering programs for any interested student who would like get the experience of working abroad in a cultural enriching and educative setting. Completing an internship at SMF is a fantastic opportunity to learn through interacting with patients and health care providers and to receive recognition towards many different professional qualifications. Likewise, volunteering offers a great chance to make a difference to the Nepalese people in Bhaktapur by getting involved in a variety of projects of personal interest.

SMF welcomes student interns from the medical, nursing, physical therapist, midwife, psychologist, public health, community development schools and other related fields. SMF also accepts volunteers with different levels of education and qualifications including students and professionals with medical, nursing or health background, with management and administrative experience, with public health research and clinical expertise, or with website design/programming training.  Expertise in areas such as nursing, gynecology, anesthesia and pediatrics are highly needed as well as hospital management, communication, programming and fundraising assistance. Any unqualified volunteers wishing to lend a hand and to spend quality time with patients and the elderly at Siddhi are also always appreciated! Every year, many volunteers and intern students come to spend time at Siddhi, all of whom contribute to the overall success of the organization. International students are accepted usually for 3-5 months internships and volunteering stay. At the expense of a small daily contribution, SMF provides comfortable accommodations, meals and professional support.

Working at Siddhi is a wonderful way to become immersed in a unique culture and learn about different methods of providing healthcare to community members, while helping make a true difference in the lives of Nepalese people.

For Volunteering and Internship please mail to Operational Director Mr. Anil Rajbhandari: [email protected] and Hospitality In-charge, Mr. Sugam Dhaubhadel : [email protected]

You are welcome !